1. rkwalick

    dedicated media playback computer

    The short version- instead of keeping our 2010 macbook pro, hooked up to a projector with a mac adapter and to the soundboard through the (intermittently evil and annoying) headphone jack, what should we get- the issue is the switch in the headphone jack getting stuck given the sheer number of...
  2. matcreyn

    QLab Gloom effect issue

    Hey, folks, I wonder if any of you have an idea on resolving a particular QLab 4 issue I’m having. The look I’m going for is to make the lungs png I have inhale and exhale in a continuous loop. I’ve built the loop group (say that five times fast). The closest video effect I could find in QLab...
  3. J

    How to setup Enttech DMX Pro Mk2 on Mac

    Can’t wait (i.e., impatient) for tech support to open tomorrow — hoping you guys might be helpful. Just got an Enttech DMX Pro Mk2 (USB) for my MacBook Air (2011). Problem is it continues to blink white, which apparently means idle and ready, and I am not able to get any Qlab commands to be...
  4. Rose03

    QLab alternatives for old macs

    Our theater recently had a 2005 power mac fall into our laps, is there any way we can put this thing to use besides as a door stop? I was hoping to use it for audio as it has optical audio out. We need software similar to qlab, but will run on a power pc cpu.
  5. G

    Ion XE and QLab OSC

    Hi CB I'm in a bit of a bind trying to set up QLab to control my Ion XE via OSC. I have previously controlled an ETC Express via QLab MIDI cues, but the Ion XE doesn't have MIDI ports. Currently, I'm waiting on a USB to MIDI adapter to see if I can run it that way, but in the meantime I have...
  6. A

    ETC Obsession,MSC and Qlab

    Hello all- I have been doing video through QLab for the last few years and generally use my Ion or Element to fire the cues using MSC. I am about to do a show with an Obsession 2 and am wondering if it is still possible to use MSC to control my QLab? If so- are there specific settings I...
  7. Anturox

    Enttec USBDMX Pro and MiniStageConsole

    Hey guys, Since a few weeks I can't get me Enttec dongle and MiniStageConsole to work together. It has worked for over 2years... What have I tried: - Reïnstall FDTI and VCP drivers - Reïnstall MiniStageConsole - Updated the firmware in my dongle - I tried to send an output signal to it from...
  8. Palms

    Latency issues with qlab

    Having a qlab nightmare!! For a show I have to run qlab to 3 separate projectors. At times they have to play the same video simultaneously but what I’m discovering is that they run way out of time with the video beginning in sync with sound and then quickly coming out to the point where it...
  9. D

    Control/Dimming Strand 250ML MIDI

    Hello, I have a Strand 250ML in our school's auditorium (not by choice :) ). I am trying to find a way to use its MIDI Interference to have Qlab send cue commands to the Lighting Board via MIDI. I have found little to no information on this and I want to pick your all's brains on this. This...
  10. Palms

    3 different size screens with Qlab 3

    Hello! I need to project onto 3 different sized screens (or at the very least one centrally bigger than the outer two). I need to use Qlab 3 for this and was thinking to use a TripleHead2Go but Qlab are suggesting that in this case all the screens would have to be the same size. Does anyone...
  11. NeroCaesar

    Best digital sound board for Qlabs

    Hello all, Background: I am looking to replace my cruddy Beringer Eurodesk SX3282 which is dying after only 6 years I work at a high school and use Qlabs v3 We don't do any recording just play back (not saying we won't ever do recording) We use 16 wireless, choir mics, Aux inputs, we use about...
  12. Jonathan Pitzer

    Control/Dimming Wondering if I can use OSC to control lighting channels with X32

    I believe that I have seen Qlab tutorials that allow Qlab to both take and give OSC commands from both an X32 and an Ion. I was wondering if it is possible to set the X32 up as additional faders to control lighting channels like you would with an external fader wing. Or if it is possible to...
  13. A

    Make Qlab Play Nice with Keynote (AppleScripts)

    Hey all, I am trying to find a script to use in Qlab that will: - Open A Keynote Slideshow - Advance Slides We are mixing a very cue heavy show, and to save on personnel, our sound board op is firing a lot of it. I would like for her to see a PDF of the script (put into a keynote...
  14. Julian Amrine

    Live Video for Birdseye Camera View (QLab 3 solution needed)

    Hello all, We are currently mounting a production of The Producers, and want to pull off an effect during Springtime for Hitler where we project a birdseye view of the dancers on the cyc behind them. We have a good projection system, but we have never worked with live video before. The...
  15. C

    Sound f/x Mitti Cue Playback Software

    Anybody played around with that "Mitti" cue playback software before? Looks like a QLab clone, but it's always good for the consumer to have competition. I don't have regular access to a Mac, so I haven't messed around with the free demo, but I'm a huge user of QLab, so I'm wondering how it...
  16. L

    Using QLab with Congo

    Hello all, we are currently in the process of figuring out better ways to run things lighting-wise at my theatre. QLab is of particular interest at the moment. The problem that could arise would most likely rear its head due to our outdated operating system: we're running a Congo Jr. on software...
  17. Joshualangman

    QLab does lighting now

    Just spreading the word. http://figure53.com/qlab/ Josh
  18. C

    Programming video on the ETC ION board

    I was wondering what the best practices for programming video on the ETC ION are. We're thinking we have to cue Q-Lab through the ion board (having one cue list for lighting and another cue list for video, and then linking them together). I've never done this before so any help would be greatly...
  19. J

    Send Keystroke Commands from qLab to Windows PC via LAN

    Hi, i am looking for a solution to send keystroke commands from qLab (script cue?) to a Windows PC. Important is that i am able to have this (script-)cue in my cuelist in qLab. Does anyone has an idea or simple solution? Background Info for this: I have a Windows Laptop on Stage with Webcam...
  20. H

    Qlab MIDI Control

    I've been trying to control a ION light board with Qlab and a USB to MIDI wire. I have all the licenses. But nothing happens when I press go.