1. H

    Vine Growing Animation

    Howdy, For our production of little Shop of Horrors we are wanting to have vines growing using a projection. We have been looking for an animation of realistic vines growing up or down a wall. I was wondering if any of you would know where we could find an animation or know of how we could...
  2. Aidan Spelbring

    Theatre Intercom Systems??

    We’re attempting to rebuild a high school theatre program and we’re getting to the point where we need a reliable form of communication between everyone. We want a theatre intercom with the headsets, but I have no clue what we need.What we have; A Stage XLR input on each side of the stage...
  3. consoletape

    Microphones Q: Wig Mics vs Cheek Mics

    Looking for any professional input/experience regarding using wig microphones or forehead microphones as opposed to using cheek microphones that go over the ear and rest on the cheek. Any preferences or advantages/disadvantages to either one? Any input or links to anything helpful is welcome...
  4. V

    Unrecognized Dimming Receptacle

    Hello,I was looking at the lighting situation in a dining hall in MIT's student center and they built in some stage pin and dimmer boxes around the room, likely when they first built the building. I don't recognize the connections for the dimmer and was wondering if anyone here could identify...
  5. Kyle McAnally

    Conventional Fixtures Axial Strand 6x12s

    Hey All,So I've got two different Strand 6x12s, one marked 6x12L with a slightly longer body and one marked as a normal 6x12. Do these fixtures have different photometrics? Just trying to wrap my head around how to use these best but can't find any documentation. Any info documents would be...
  6. EHansenLX

    Hanging Automated Fixtures Question

    So I'm doing a show in a couple months and I'm trying to come up with a good way to hang 2 Martin Mac 700 Profiles.We have 3 catwalks above the house (see attached diagram for more detail). My plan is to hang the fixtures between the 1st and 2nd catwalk by hanging them on 1.5" Steel Pipe that...