raspberry pi

  1. jtweigandt

    Low Cost Stage comm using Raspberry pi

    I have posted 2 documents in the resources section.1. Picomm document. Has instructions and link to download a pre configured raspberry pi image to act as a full duplex communications backbone, via wifi or ethernet stations/ clients can be cell phones running app, additional...
  2. bobtiki

    Kilauea Cove

    Hi there, I’m Mark Boszko, designer of Kilauea Cove (a basement tiki bar in Seattle), and its tiny Raspberry Pi-powered erupting volcano:I’m slowly working my way toward working on bigger and more complicated themed environments, but this summer is decentralizing the hardware for the Cove...
  3. A

    raspberry pi for click track + dmx control

    Hi everyone, before I'm getting crucified: yes I have read the previous threads on combining lights and click tracks. And I have been googling this at length but didn't get anywhere. I do have a more specific issue though.If I'm using my old raspberry pi (+ a dmx interface built for it like...