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  1. Sharon RC4

    RC4 Inspirational Videos for Theater and Music

    Want to do more with your wireless dmx and dimming? Need to get inspired? RC4 has some great videos to help you get the most out of your wireless equipment!Smoothly dim a flicker candle:https://rc4.info/knowledge-base/smoothly-dim-a-low-cost-flicker-candle/Servo motor control...
  2. Sharon RC4

    Wireless Props in Vegas with Robbie Williams

    In Europe, Robbie Williams is a legend; he regularly fills stadiums and his productions are some of the most anticipated on the continent. One of his dreams was to do a Vegas show, and to make every detail of Williams’ show perfect, Production and Lighting Designer Sean Burke, principal at Holes...
  3. Sharon RC4

    Wireless Dimmers, El Wire and Touring, Oh My!

    RC4 Wireless dimmers and transceivers tour the world with Lightwire TheaterWhen it was time for Lightwire Theater -- home to touring productions of The Ugly Duckling, Dino-Light, Moon Mouse and more -- to step up their technical game, they turned to RC4 Wireless for wireless dimming and DMX...
  4. Sharon RC4

    RC4 Wireless and Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

    Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night was first performed in 1602; since then, actors have been portraying Viola and Orsinio around the world. When Australia’s Queensland Theatre mounted their production of Shakespeare’s classic, they chose to use a revolve that required wireless DMX. “The stunning set...
  5. Sharon RC4

    RC4 Wireless Shines A Light On Netflix’s Stranger Things

    With a title like Stranger Things, one might expect a world that's intense, mysterious, and dark. And one would be exactly right.However, dark isn't always metaphorical; the Netflix series often takes literal forays into the dead of night, darkened rooms, and ink black tunnels. When it was...