1. 'thaniel

    RCF - Voice Alarm (EVAC) Systems according to ISO 7290-19 and CEN/TS 54-32 - 4/30 REPLAY

    REPLAY of April 30th 2020 WebinarTopics: - Highlight and discussion about ISO 7240-19 and CEN/TS 54-32: design, installation, management and maintenance - Description of a Voice Alarm System and Critical Signal Path concept - Systems according to EN 54-16 and EN 54-4, Speakers according to EN...
  2. 'thaniel

    RCF - Subwoofer Modeling within Ease Focus w/ Jim Reed

    Topics: - Companion Subwoofers for Line Arrays - Flying Standalone Sub Arrays - Sub Array Configurations - Designing Sub Arrangements for Installed SystemsLecturer: Jim ReedRegistration Required: Register Here (set time to America/New York)
  3. 'thaniel

    RCF - Houses of Worships: sound system design principles and case studies

    Topics: - A large portfolio to meet a diversified opportunity - Is it loud enough? Modern HOWs and large membership temples - Can everybody understand? Challenging old historic HOWs - Q & ALecturers: Michele Begotti, Francesco VenturiRegistration Required: Register Here (set time to...