rear projection

  1. Herr_Sprecker

    Automation for a Roll-Up Drop

    Greetings all. For a show we are currently doing the finishing touches on, there is an arched opening at the center of upstage. For the design, the intent is to fill this arched opening with an RP screen for projected imagery. At at least one or two times during the show, the screen will need...
  2. jtweigandt

    Putting myself out there. I liked this

    Miracle in Bedford Falls.. Bridge. Cheap guaze cloth back projection. Uses my favorite little 25 buck computer to do the video loop. (raspberry pi) Can see the snow nicely in the theatre with fore lighting as high as 35%.. which is plenty for a night scene. And best of all I don't have to...
  3. W

    Repair to rear projection screen

    I have a 25' by 43' rear projection screen. A small hole was created during set construction. Any suggestion on how to repair a 2 inch tear in the fabric?
  4. A

    Strange optical effect

    Hi, I've been using two fisheye lens projectors for rear projection (one connected through VGA and other through HDMI) to screen one image (edge blending I did through Resolume Arena). Now, what is really strange is: when you look at the screen from the front, the image is fine, as you move to...