1. Quentin (Cue)

    Projector recommendations

    Greetings everyone,I hope this isn't stupid for me to post, but I am looking for some recommendations for a projector to buy. The women I'm working for has asked me to find something that will shoot on a scrim that is 15'X15'. Ideally, she wants it to cover the whole width and length. I asked...
  2. E

    Camera recommendations for shooting projection footage

    Hi all, I am looking to purchase a camera that I can use for shooting footage and stills for my video designs. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
  3. Outlanderfrog

    Hazers for Arena

    Hey all!A university I freelance for is building a new sports arena and I'm looking for hazer recommendations, having never spec'ed a venue of that size. Almost every tour that comes thru my home venue recently has had the base hazer pro, but I have no experience with it. Price isn't a huge...
  4. T

    Need recommendations for space upgrade

    I am now looking to find some affordable lighting fixtures for a venue that can hold around 500/600 people. We have a 7x3 schedule 40 pipe grid that we can move anything around that reaches about 12 ft high. Our fixtures are either European fixtures that would normally require transformers and...