1. F

    Control/Dimming DMX relay for high-wattage fixtures?

    Hi:Total newbie to this forum, with a question to the experts out there.I have two sets of three 1500W quartz fixtures (i.e. 4500W per set), running off 220 or 240 V. I would like to be able to control them--on/off only--with a DMX relay, so that I can do this from my console rather than...
  2. R

    ETC Sensor3 "switched" D20 v relay/thrupower

    Our space is transitioning bit by bit to LED and I have a few questions:1. Some of the fixtures are conventional source4s with source4wrd retro units attached. I know these are designed to safely be dimmer dimmed but the quality is awful unless maybe you have more than one fixture on one...
  3. Kyle McAnally

    American Facility Systems Relay System

    Hi Everybody,So my space has been having an issue with our relay system which operates all of our running lights and work lights. Our theory is that the motherboard battery finally died and a power loss whipped the old system's programming. The panel has a HHP (hand held programmer) included...
  4. techietim

    Control/Dimming Using relays with 'standard appliances'

    Hello!Also, before I continue, I'm in the UK when I reference mains/connectors etc...I recently purchased a 3 channel DMX controlled relay unit with 10A switching per channel. I was wondering if I could create some kind of cable that would enable something like a lamp or prac prop to be...