1. dvsDave

    How to Fold a Backdrop 2019-12-31

    "How To Fold A Backdrop!" (with special thanks to "The Backstage Handbook" by Paul Carter)Download here
  2. J

    Curious Incident train set rental?

    Hello! I'm a props designer in southern Minnesota looking to rent a big train set for our production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. If there's any production that has one or rented one recently, I'd love a response! Thank you
  3. A

    How to bring in Auditorium Rentals

    Hello, I work as the stage crew chief at my high school and yearly we bring in revenue based off of a dance recital which takes place in our auditorium. Does anyone have experience working in high schools and attracting more out-of-district events? I would like to do more of these where...
  4. mcubed4130

    Rental Recommendations US West Coast or US, for wireless sound

    Hello everyone,Based on various threads like this one - many others, it seems like it may be better to rent my various wireless microphones (likely Shure QLX-D or Sennheiser 300 or 500s) when I need...
  5. A

    Anyone in West Virginia? Looking for referrals

    Can anyone recommend a source for a/v or lighting in WV? Any suggestions on event companies that might serve the area? Did a search and it looks like I'll be relying on Virginia/DC resources (luckily the town is pretty close to the VA border). Thanks!
  6. Stevens R. Miller

    What are some typical rental costs for sound and lighting gear?

    A group I am working with is considering the old "rental vs. buy" question, but none of us really knows what it costs to rent sound and light gear. Looking around on the Web, it seems that the almost universal practice for providers of rental gear is to respond to a potential customer's e-mail...
  7. I

    Rental advice on front light with movers

    Hey,So I have a show coming up and need to cover some hard to light areas and actors that are lifted in the air. So I was looking to put a 120 v mover out on my torms to help fill in these spots and add some nice color to the stage in some scenes. I have a rental package coming in for the...
  8. M

    PRG Best Boy vs VL3515

    Hi All,PRG is trying to sub the VL3515s in my order for their Best Boy HP Spot (the 1500w version) so they don't have to ship the VLs out to Chicago. They sent me a comparison form (attached) and it makes it seem like its everything the VL is and more with no drawbacks. Does anyone have...
  9. T

    Renting Scenery and Props

    I have always struck a set back to stock units at the end of a run, however this year I did Mary Poppins, which has been wildly popular in the area. I have been contacted by a few groups about renting our chimneys and our breaking and self repairing tables.I have no idea how to price...