1. matcreyn

    Replace 19v 2.37a power adapter

    After our last strike our M-Audio M-Track Eight sound card lost its power adapter and I am having the darndest time trying to find a replacement. 19v 2.37a DC center-positive barrel connector (IDK the ID and OD measurements). The manual and the device show nothing beyond 19v 2.37a. M-Audio’s...
  2. NickVon

    HID LED retrofit options

    Investigating options for HID > LED replacements bypassing ballasts (Direct wire)We have 12 Metal Halide lights in our auditorium theater space. about 40' that cover the audience seating. They are primary use as "work lights" or general lights when a show or event is not happening. Things...
  3. A

    Budgeting for Big Ticket Replacements $ and Timeline

    I run an 1100 seat performance venue for our high school, and after meeting with our CFO and reviewing the budget he's asked to me to create a list which includes a rough guestimate cost and timeline for larger replacement items such as total replacement of softgoods, seats, major rigging...
  4. Harrison

    Conventional Fixtures When to Replace Lamps

    Silly question - but I'm curious.When do you guys replace the lamps in your conventional fixtures? Do you want till it blows? Do you try to predict how many hours are on it and replace it before it would blow? Is there a way to tell when it's nearing end of life?Thanks
  5. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming Crimp stage pin connectors. Reusable?

    I have a bunch of fixtures that im replacing sockets on, and they all have crimped stage pin connectors, is there any way to reuse these? Do you have to buy new pins? Is it even worth it?Clay
  6. Rod

    Replacements for Panasonic PT LB-60NU Projectors?

    Our church has three Panasonic PT LB-60NU 3000 lumens projectors ceiling mounted. They were purchased/installed in 2003, and two have died completely after fading blue, while the third is fading blue. They are used for about 3 hours each Sunday.They are mounted about 10-12 feet from the white...