1. mightymel

    Half Revolve

    I just had a production meeting for our upcoming production of Les Mis. The designer has a 16' half revolve center stage that has 8' tall platforms on it.During intermission crew is supposed to set up the 'front' of the barricade on a semi circle wagon, which is the other half of the revolve...
  2. H

    Stock Revolve/ Turntable Thoughts and Plans

    I know, another revolve question, but bare with me. I couldn't find a similar situation on the boards anywhere.We're looking to have a revolve built for us to have in stock that can be:-Light weight (built out of something like an aluminum frame) -quiet to operate -Easily taken apart and...
  3. tdtastic

    Concentric "Doughnut" Turntable

    Looking for clever ideas on building a doughnut in the floor that can revolve around a fixed inner circle -- only the outer ring of a concentric turntable set-up. We would actually want abut a 30' diameter with a 4' wide ring with scenery constructed on a solid inner circle of decking.I can...