1. W

    Recommendations please!

    Anybody ever used http://www.outbackrigging.com/Outback-Rigging-Group-c1 ? Looking to hire rigging equipment for an upcoming production but looking to get recommendations before opting for one - any info welcome!
  2. MRW Lights

    A "year" into pandemic production.... also Rain still happens...

    A little backstory, we're a little over halfway through this year's commencement ceremonies on our campus. Last year we returned full time to production for the rescheduled commencement ceremonies and now we're back 10 months later for round 2! A little wiser, a little bit healthier, but somehow...
  3. C

    Advice: Truss and Chain Motors

    Hi all, I’m looking to rig a 60’ truss supported by 4 chain motors. The company I’m working with is looking to buy, not rent. I’ve never purchased rigging equipment and so wanted to reach out and see where I should look for truss, and what your suggestions are for which chain motors are the best...
  4. What Rigger?

    EDC 2021 Las Vegas aerialist rigging

    Hey, if anyone has a contact with the aerialist riggers at EDC Las Vegas this year, could you DM me? Trying to help a friend with an aerialist rigging issue.
  5. N

    Flat Rigging Question

    I know that rigging is a bit of a touchy subject but, for whatever it's worth, I'm not operating outside of my comfort zone. In any case, the high school that I work with has elected to stage a musical this year. Due to the current circumstances, we've chosen a musical with a much smaller cast...
  6. Sara Myers

    Registration is now open for TOP Flight 2020 with Vertigo™ Flying Effects & Theatrical Rigging!

    Registration is now open for TOP Flight 2020 with Vertigo™ Flying Effects & Theatrical Rigging! TOP Flight is an annual multi-day workshop which trains technicians, operators, and performers to install flying systems, operate flying equipment, and conduct flight choreography. In the past...
  7. JD

    Not a collapse! Imagine engineering this one

    Imagine the math involved.Youtube time-lapse-
  8. ScenicKatie

    Casters For Rolling Chairs

    Hey there!I am working on the set for a high school production of GREASE and the choreographer is hoping for 10 rolling chairs for Beauty School Dropout. My stage is rather beat up hard wood so I am looking for the best casters for a smooth and quiet ride during the number. Any suggestions...
  9. C

    mounting loudspeaker to grid

    Hi, My school's auditorium recently underwent a renovation. We have a dead hung schedule 40 1.5" pipe grid, 4' spacing. Grid is about 17' above deck. I want to see if it is possible to safely mount two loudspeakers from one of the battens, ideally the one just upstage of main curtain, keeping...
  10. Christopher Bernardi

    Temporary Dead Hanging

    So I'm putting together plans for the scenery of a show called Constellations, and I really want to use dead hung mirrors all over the space to further cement my interpretation of the multiverse theory, but since the space is used as a classroom during the day, I need to figure out a way to rig...
  11. Sara Myers

    TOP Flight Masterclass - Vertigo Flying Effects & Rigging

    Good Morning! Vertigo Flying Effects & Rigging (based in the Chicagoland area) will be holding our annual TOP Flight Masterclass, July 30 - August 3. TOP Flight is an annual, multi-day workshop that trains technicians, operators and performers on installing flying systems, operating flying...
  12. B

    Truss Loading Charts with Multiple Motors

    Hey everyone. This seems like kind of stupid question, and one I should certainly know by now, so I apologize if it is, but I just want to be sure how these things work, with as little assumption as possible.When reading truss loading charts, I assume this is based on hanging a particular...
  13. venuetech

    Bounce focus tips??

    A speed square is usualy hanging around. I taped a string with a small weight onto the back sidewith the electric at spike you can stand at the desired focus point, and line up the fixture with the back of the square. make note of the anglefly the electric in to a working hight then...
  14. Noah Watkins

    Flying a Clump of Medium Sized Objects

    Hey all,New poster on the site and hoping y'all can help me out.I'm currently TD'ing the Dolphin Show at Northwestern University - "Hello, Dolly." The designer wants to fly two different clumps of objects - foam dress forms and parisols. I've attached her AutoCAD drafting. Long story short...
  15. Ben Mills

    De-rig Arms

    Hi all,Why are the doughty style of boom arms become dubbed 'derig arms'? Where did the term come from?Just curious.
  16. S

    Adding Hang position between catwalks - Cheeseboroughs enough?

    I have three catwalks in my black box that run parallel to one another. They are fantastic to hang from, but there are no hang positions (grid or otherwise) between the catwalks, which leads to inadequate focus positions. What I'm hoping to do is to run a standard batten pipe across those spans...
  17. tdtastic

    Do you Harness when you Genie?

    I'm going to get blasted for this, I just know it...Anonymous hands-up of how many of you are using harnesses in your genie or vertical 'stick' lift? Not talking boom or scissor lift. Within the 20-25 foot range.What ARE the actual regulations on that with OSHA or ANSI? (I haven't had...
  18. tdtastic

    "Sunken Arbor Well"....or Basement Bricks How Come?

    Random question: I was on a site tour of a new facility the other day that's still in the concrete-pouring phase, but when looking at the stage house I was told they are preparing for a rigging system that will allow the arbors to pass below stage level into a basement pit.I've only ever...
  19. A

    Rigging for Powered Speakers

    Hello, For an upcoming show I am planning to fly some powered speakers for center coverage. The Speakers I have are JBL EON 612's which weigh 33 pounds each. They have 3 fly points, 2 on top and 1 on the back. My plan was to use chain and quicklinks to suspend these from a batten. The idea was...
  20. A

    How to find funding?

    As many know, funding coming from a school district is few and far between it seems sometimes often with the arts falling by the wayside (as it is in my school district) We recently did a capital project renovation (which didnt turn out very well) and my thoughts were "if the district isnt...