1. A

    Mixers/Consoles Board Audio to Camcorder

    I'm trying to run just pastor vocals from board to Camcorder. Going to try to build mix in mixbus 5 routed to output 5 to run xlr to camera. What confuses me at this point is the routing for this. Do I go into routing in the Out 1-16 section to set this up? Or do I route mixbux 5 to an actual...
  2. NeroCaesar

    Patching Midas M32

    Hello all,I recently purchased a digital board for the first time and I am feeling like an idiot. I've spent hours looking through all the options but I can't seem to patch the thing.Currently I can only get "In 1" a mic to feed into "Out 1" and "In 2" to feed into "Out 2" and so forth...