scene shop

  1. C

    Determining Adequate Square footage for Shops?

    Hello everyone!We recently opened a new performing arts center and grew by three venues (recent-ish. 2019). The shops also became stewards of all of the department productions in the School of the Arts instead of just one department. We have seen a significant increase in the amount we...
  2. S

    New Scene Shop Comparables

    We are building a new theatre and scene shop. My Administration would like to find what other schools or orgs spent to outfit their scene shops on Day One. Looking for costs or estimates for Storage, safety, equipment, etc. Has anyone outfitted a shop in recent memory? Any ball park thoughts...
  3. S

    New Scene Shop

    We are building a new theatre after 30 years in a Gymnatorium. I will finally have a scene shop and now I am trying to estimate what it should/would cost to outfit said shop for operation on Day One. I have prepared two options, but they are bare bones and I would prefer to know what others...
  4. MRW Lights

    Tool Cage wish list

    I have somehow finagled the higher ups to let me gut and redo my tool room and a couple of storage spaces. THIS IS NOT A TEST! Of course there is a budget, but I'm in NYC so a budget for a closet scene shop can go a long way.I want to hear your I wish I hads, wouldn't it be great if and whose...
  5. kevinatblinn

    Vertical Steel Storage suggestions?

    In the past, I've only purchased enough steel for the project at hand. That was when delivery was free. Now that I'm being charged $75 each time to get 20 foot sticks, I'm interested in building a stock. I don't have room for horizontal storage, but plenty of height. Anyone care to snap and...