1. Fusrohdave

    How to brace Raised platform on turntable without visible bracing?

    I’m building a set for She Loves Me. The designer is more or less copying the broadway production. The middle unit is on a turntable. It has two levels, the first has a door and a spiral staircase, the second is an enclosed office. I have it mostly together but the thing is wobbly as hell. I’m...
  2. Cineruss

    small space for set ideas

    O was wondering if there is such a thing as a rollable scrim or cutout scenic device that can be used over and over again. I have a small space around 23 feet wide by 24 feet in height with a stage that will fit into this area but of course will not be that large. We plan on adding scenic...
  3. ScenicKatie

    Casters For Rolling Chairs

    Hey there!I am working on the set for a high school production of GREASE and the choreographer is hoping for 10 rolling chairs for Beauty School Dropout. My stage is rather beat up hard wood so I am looking for the best casters for a smooth and quiet ride during the number. Any suggestions...
  4. Cineruss

    Faux Brick on Flat

    I may be crazy here but would like some advice from all of you in the know out there. I have a God awful looking flat with an arch (I didnt make) that will eventually have brick applied to it for show. I know how to create faux brick and all but in this case will not be either painting brick...
  5. Techie93

    Fog Machine Fluid

    i have an old moonlight super fogger machine. I can’t find what type of fluid it needs. My question is. If I can’t find it. What can I use as a substitute ?
  6. J

    Wagon Brakes with stem casters....

    I'd like to screw a stem caster into a wagon brake where the threaded rod goes. I've done this for a few lighter weight set pieces and its never worked out exactly right- but, in my defense, I hadn't had enough R&D time nor time to work out any kinks or concerns. Basically think along the lines...
  7. Smatticus

    FS - Eggs for Honk! the Musical

    For Sale: 5x Breakable eggs for hatching scene in Honk! Largest egg approx 5' tall. Smaller eggs approx 4' tall. All eggs secured to bases for stability. Openings in bases allow actors to crawl inside eggs. Constructed with rigid insulation foam. Handles and magnets aid in reassembly...
  8. Hutcoy

    Lame soft goods

    I have never heard this term before. I assume it refers to Mylar curtains or some other shimmer curtain.Does anyone have a definition for "Lame Soft Goods"?
  9. stagebuilder

    Good Online Source for Paint Brushes?

    Does anyone have a good online source to buy inexpensive paint brushes, also know as chip brushes? We don't buy really good brushes because this is a high school. I usually get them at McMaster-Carr but I wonder if there is somewhere cheaper?
  10. Julian Amrine

    Hidden escape stairs... ideas?

    Our design calls for escape stairs that fold out of the side of a 4x4x4' wagon during one scene (they are escape stairs and are never seen by the audience) and also fold in to the interior during other scenes so it can butt up flush to other scenery. Any ideas on how to do this smoothly? Just...
  11. Hutcoy

    Road Assembly Plans

    Hey All,I've never built a show to road before that I will not be there to install. (Other Producer is too cheap for a set tech) What kind of paperwork should I generate to help the install team to put the thing back together other than all of the labeling we're doing on the scenery itself and...
  12. Van

    Amazing Paint Holder!!!

    OH Yay! if I was still building and painting and Finishing scenery I would want 12 of these!
  13. M

    Rigging a traveling hard flat. HELP!

    HELLO EVERYONE!! I recently started working at a theater that does not have a fly system but there is plenty of dead hang space, including three traveling curtains. My question is, would it be possible to remove the curtains from their track and attach hanging, hard flats instead? I am trying to...
  14. V

    Flat that flips out of the stage

    I've been assigned a project to create a flat object that can flip out of a 2 foot tall platform built on top of a stage. However, it has to be able to flip out like this both quickly and slowly. Are there any suggestions for ideas of a kind of mechanism I could create to do this?
  15. M

    Forcing lauan into controlled warp

    I'm looking to create a vertical hard drop made of strips of lauan. Lots of 6'-8' long strips hung vertically, looking sort of like a deck. Id like to sidelight the panel, and am looking for some character and texture. I'll likely shoot the whole thing with drywall mud texture before painting...