scenic painting

  1. tdtastic

    Stinky Paint

    Is there anything i can pour into some five gallon buckets of stinky paint that would kill whatever is growing? We have several "base dump buckets" That I hate to throw out but the smell from mold and/or mildew is a problem. Thoughts??
  2. tdtastic

    LARGE format printing resources

    Our set designer has a created a very cool digital image of a collage that needs to cover a wall about 20'x12'. This is not something we could ever recreate with paint so we need to have this printed in either a single piece or multiple sections that could be laminated to a luan wall...
  3. G

    Translucent drop layout

    I just painted a set of legs on voile. I had problems with paint collecting near plastic ridges. I'm about to paint the second set and am looking for a better method. I'm painting sheer fabric it's like pantyhose, but no stretch. I'm painting down on a concrete floor. I've laid out plywood...
  4. stagebuilder

    Good Online Source for Paint Brushes?

    Does anyone have a good online source to buy inexpensive paint brushes, also know as chip brushes? We don't buy really good brushes because this is a high school. I usually get them at McMaster-Carr but I wonder if there is somewhere cheaper?