1. Techie93

    Cleaning a black scrim

    question for you all. I have a black scrim. It’s an old scrim and hasn’t been hung and stored properly. So when raised you see bits a pieces of debris. I was wonder if I take a small handheld vaccum and just gently vaccum and get that off. Also any other scrim cleaning tips? Thabks
  2. J

    Separating scrim from pipe

    Hi, My high school recently took down a scrim from our rigging and we're having trouble removing the pipe from the bottom. It feels like there's some sort of adhesive in between the pipe and the scrim and we didn't tape the pipe to the scrim at any point. We remember receiving the scrim folded...
  3. meatpopsicle

    Roll drops/scrims

    Hello Hive,The middle school drama teacher in my town is interested in putting a scrim into his facility and with no fly space he is looking into roll drops. Is this viable with black sawtooth? Or white? He mentioned that some systems can be controlled via DMX. This, for me, cuts close to...
  4. E

    Fiddler on the roof

    Hello everyone! My school is doing fiddler on the roof this upcoming spring, and the technical director and I want to include Marc Chagall into the show. Does anyone know where we could rent or purchase either an early chagall gobo or scrim? Thank you!!