1. D

    Apollo scroller squeak- maintenance suggestions?

    Hi all- looking for some advice with troubleshooting scroller sound. Several of our fixtures have a long slow squeak when scrolling between colors. I’m the visiting LD, and the td does not know the last time the scrollers were serviced. Is there a lubrication protocol for cranky scroller motors...
  2. D

    Wybron CXI scrolls

    Hi I am in the UK. I have a 12 inch CXI that needs a new rear gel scroll. Can anyone suggest a source for this. Thanks In advance. David
  3. Jeremy Kalisz

    Apollo Smart Color Pro 7.25 ERR Message

    Hi all,Recently I just worked on a show where the university bought new Apollo Smart Color Pro 7.25 scrollers and 5 of the 10 that were used for the show displayed an error message after one particular cue. When we investigated the cue, we found that the scrollers were going to the last frame...
  4. M

    Ion v2.5 - Changes to Calibrating Scrollers?

    Hey All,I'm doing a show with an Ion running v2.5 and some Forerunner 7" scrollers (powered by Apollo's Smart PSU if it matters).My ME just went to calibrate the scrollers and it seems the profile has changed? You can't wheel to the +/- of the frame and then hold down the encoder and hit...
  5. S

    Color Scroller

    Hello! I just purchased a used Wybron "The Scroller". It is the 7" size. Since it's my first scroller, I have a few questions about it.1: Should I make my own gel strings? Or order them pre-made online?2: If ordering gel strings online, where do you recommend?3: To attach the scroller to a...
  6. J

    Noisy Scroller Unit

    Hey all - at my venue we have a Chroma Q scroller unit that is significantly louder than our other five when it is actually scrolling (not the fan). Any ideas what could be causing this/how to fix?
  7. soundofsparks

    Wybron CXI Scroll Alignment Issues

    Hey Everyone,I'm having trouble with a Wybron CXI and I can't quite put my finger on what the problem might be. Here are some details. I've done a lot of troubleshooting here, but am happy to hear any thoughts obvious or less so.For the most part, my fixture is behaving normally. The problem...
  8. EHansenLX

    Control/Dimming DMX Help

    Hi: I'm relatively new to all this DMX stuff and I was hoping to get some help on a set-up I was planning.We have an ETC Express 48/96 that will be doing all the DMX control. We are hanging two I-Cue systems with a DMX Iris in each (on a S4). We will also have 8 color scrollers on some...