1. T

    Audience Riser Rake Considerations

    Hello,Coming into a newly renovated space which unfortunately bought a riser system with a terrible rake!It's a Steeldeck Staging system, so easy enough to change the riser heights, but I just want to do it once and get it right!Here are the facts: -Lowest ceiling point @ 12'6 1/2" above...
  2. tdtastic

    Auditorium Upholstery Woes

    This one's for my facilities folk:So your theatre has had butts in the seats for twenty years and the seats are starting to show it. Rips and tears, people. I'm talking rips and tears. Now, it's not quite time to start thinking about re-upholstering the whole damn auditorium just yet. And...
  3. C

    Definition of Obstructed view

    in our theatre that already has some bad sightlines, we've built our set out that will make them even worse in some spots. In setting up our online box office, we want to note what seats are obstructed view so patrons know when they buy.My question is: how do you define "obstructed view"?
  4. StephIsabel

    Auditorium Upgrades

    I am trying to piece together a last-minute funding request for a complete overhaul of our PAC seating, floors and house lighting. It is a 300-seat house, and I hope to change all of the house lighting to LED. What is a reasonable amount of funding to ask for which won't bite me when I finally...