1. H

    Looking for ideas, charging rig for multiple Sennheiser EW-D battery chargers

    Hello hive mind. I just acquired 14 Sennheiser EW-D battery chargers. I was wondering if anyone has built a size "responsible" charging rig for them. Currently I have them spread across a large desk and am using every outlet I have with power strips occupying 5 separate outlets. It isn't pretty...
  2. DannyDepac

    Power conditioner? Surge Protector? How to power rack of receivers for sennheiser g4

    Hey EveryoneI have put together a rack of about 16 (hoping to expand) Sennheiser G4 receivers and Antenna modules.So I am a school music teacher that does our HS stage crew on the side and in the grand scheme of things, I am kind of a sound noob who is learning as I go. So maybe there is an...
  3. F

    Countryman B3's for sale, new.

    We have upgraded our sound system with SHURE wireless mics now, and so I have (8) of these Countryman B3's up for sale that have Sennheiser connections. They are new and have not been used. I am asking $100 per mic. or $600 for all 8 of them.
  4. K

    Sennheiser Neumann Microphone Basics - Part 1-3

    During this webinar, we will give you an insight into microphone design and operation. Starting with the basics and moving on to best practices and suggestions for use in daily settings.A course for most with the chance to ask application questions around your choice of microphones from the...
  5. K

    Immersive Audio with Sennheiser

    Take a look at the current product, and tools, that Sennheiser has to create Immersive audio. From our legacy KU100 from Neumann, to the AMBEO VR Mic for 360 degree audio capture.Register here:
  6. b2550

    Wireless Adding an antenna splitter to Sennheiser XS True Diversity (EM 10) setup

    I have a set of 8x Sennheiser XS True Diversity EM 10 Receivers. Many of the antennas have had their casing broken off, and the power bricks are too big for the PSU so someone decided to plug in double-sided extension cables to fit them all and just ziptie the slack. I am trying to update this...
  7. DannyDepac

    Sennheiser Rebate / 300 vs 500 series?

    HiI'm looking for some advice from someone with some Sennheiser rebate experience. I'm planning on trading in my audio technica 2000 series wireless mics and lav set up that are in the 608 MHz Range as well as a Sennheiser camera transmitter and receiver in the same range.I want to buy the...
  8. DannyDepac

    Microphones Using a camera lav transmitter for stage mic? Sennheiser

    Hi GuysI was randomly given two Sennheiser eW100 G2 mic packs without the receiver. The person who gave them to me claims their friend gave them to them and they have no background info on them.I thought it was two mic packs but then I started to look and realized one doesn't have a mute...
  9. Crisp image

    Wireless Sennheiser EV100 G3 945

    Hi All, I have a Sennheiser EV100 G3 wireless mic with a 945 cart fitted. I have not had it long and I am wondering about gain settings. If the Rx is set to 0dB and the mic is set the same and it is to hot which should I reduce the gain on and to what level? is the level a trial and error until...
  10. Joe Allen

    Wireless Threaded microphones

    Hi all. I recently bought a new set of wireless headsets for our theatre, and they had the tag 'threaded' on them. Unfortunately they arrived and only had the threads, but nothing to screw onto. We are using Sennheiser G3 transmitters, which have the same female threaded end. Is there any way to...
  11. C

    Microphones Sennheiser MZ 2-2 Supplier?

    Hi all,I'm working with a decent inventory (~30+) of Sennheiser MKE-2's this summer, however the company has lost most all of the original caps for the elements. I'd like to have caps as it is an outdoor production and I want all the "sweat-out" protection and wind suppression I can get before...
  12. nick_fouts

    Sennheiser Mic Maintenance

    We have 12 Sennheiser ew300 G3 lapel mic systems that we use twice yearly for high school musical productions. We take generally good care of them, but since I have taken over technical direction a few years ago, we have not really cleaned the mic packs or ME-2 mics much, as nobody ever taught...
  13. C

    Wireless Sennheiser Evolution Wireless G4 Announced

    Looks like the G4 series is set to release in April! Not seeing much of an upgrade, at least in the 100-series. The G3 series introduced a much easier to navigate menu system, software lockable mute switches, IR sync, and some other nice features. G4 looks to have rack mounts included with every...
  14. JD

    Wireless Sennheiser G1 antenna discontinued repair-trick

    As you may know, the G1 A band antenna for the Sk100 body packs has been discontinued and is very hard to find. Many of us still have G1 packs as they live forever (or it seems so!) The antennas were very easy to replace as they simply screwed on. Although some fail when the steel wire inside...
  15. gafftaper

    Special Screwdriver for Sennheiser Beltpack Repair

    Does anyone know what the special screwdriver is called that you use to screw the Mic Jack in tight on a Sennheiser SK100G3 beltpack? It goes over the top of the jack and catches the two slots in the ring on the outside? I want to purchase one.
  16. JD

    Wireless Sennheiser SKM300-845 G3 A band

    If you are Sennheiser heavy, this might be of interest. This one pooped out on me. About 95% of the time, it fails to boot, just comes up with a partial display. Checked all the regular points, ribbon cables, etc. But no, digital board has flaked out. It's an A band with an MMD 845 head. When it...
  17. Rod Reilly

    Bodymics for bodymics, hairline-wig, lavalier and headset mics

    Just joined. I asked a new client last night where he got my name, and he told me Control Booth. Figured I had better check things out.Our goal is to meet the needs of the wireless microphone users in theatre/theater with mic elements, transmitter belts, production hangers, antenna systems...
  18. mcubed4130

    Rental Recommendations US West Coast or US, for wireless sound

    Hello everyone,Based on various threads like this one - many others, it seems like it may be better to rent my various wireless microphones (likely Shure QLX-D or Sennheiser 300 or 500s) when I need...
  19. dvsDave

    2017 FCC Incentive Auction Summary 2017-03-21

    Almost every venue and person using multiple wireless microphones in the United States will need to reconfigure their systems before 2021 to comply with new federal regulations. Since the definition of wireless microphones includes in-ear monitors, intercom systems, and interruptible fold back...
  20. JD

    Wireless Sennheiser A1 band 470-516 Mhz

    Noticed the push from vendors for the new A1 band from Sennheiser. I am wondering if this is a general response to the potential demise of the B band. The bigger question is just how free and clear the 470-516 Mhz area is? Most of what I am running are A band (518 Mhz) with a few B band units...