sensor rack

  1. Thetechmanmac

    Control/Dimming Sensor rack maintenance

    My theatre has 2 ETC sensor racks that need some love. The school has been open for 11 years, and as far as I know the dimmers have never been cleaned, or (much to my dismay) ever been shut down (fans and all). In the dimmer room, feeding said dimmers is a 600 amp switch. Install type. (not...
  2. D

    LED House Lights Not dimming

    So my theatre installed a bunch of LED house lights 0-10V 1% dimming and gave me a few ELV10 dimmer modules and said it should work fine. Well surprise they don't dim. any ideas? The link to the units we have are below We are running 3 ETC sensor3 racks...
  3. Grant Strain

    Control/Dimming Issues with Dimming

    Hey everyone, I've been designing in a new space for a few months, and over that time, i've gone from 4 dimmers not dimming properly, to in excess of 8. The issue is that all the standard fixtures I have (ETC Source4, S4 PAR, Strand 6xX, Altman 6xX) will go to about 60% when I brung the...