1. R

    ETC Sensor3 "switched" D20 v relay/thrupower

    Our space is transitioning bit by bit to LED and I have a few questions:1. Some of the fixtures are conventional source4s with source4wrd retro units attached. I know these are designed to safely be dimmer dimmed but the quality is awful unless maybe you have more than one fixture on one...
  2. W

    Control/Dimming Is my CEM Classic behaving normally?

    Hey guys,I'm working in a TV studio with a few seperate spaces that are all controlled by their own sensor classic dimmer rack. We're not using ETCNet, and don't have any distribution between these spaces.The problem(?) I'm seeing is that the cooling fan never shuts off after loss of control...
  3. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming Sensor+ Dimmers, Field Servicable?

    Is there any way to diagnose and fix problems with the sensor blades in the field or is that something i need to send them back to ETC for.
  4. Smatticus

    Control/Dimming Solais LR38 LED Retrofit with ETC Sensor CEM Classic

    Has anyone out there run into the Solais LR38 dimmable LED lamp? A high school I work at just replaced all of the incandescent lamps in the house light fixtures with these LED lamps. The fixtures are fed by ETC D20 Sensor dimmers controlled by a CEM Classic (five fixtures per dimmer). No...
  5. L

    Loss of Rig

    As we were focusing lights, all lights flickered out, then came back on again. The whole rig was out. Down time was about 30 seconds. Then after that, lights flickered on and off twice over the course of the next thirty seconds or so. Not response to RFR or RVI. We didn't do any board stuff...
  6. M

    Adding Sensor rack to Colortran ENR rack

    We use ETC consoles on Colortran ENR rack. Can get an ETC SEnsor rack free. Any issues integrating the sensor. We are buying an Ion 3Universe. So there's plent of channels. Thanks for examples or suggestions.Happy LumensAbleStage
  7. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming SmartPack Wallmount Units With Link Power Supply

    Install of SmartPack Wall Mount units with Link Power SupplyI am wondering about the install of a few wall packs we are receiving soon. I was handed the list today and needed a bit of clarification. We are getting 2 SL1210W-LPS Wallmount Racks w/ Link Power Supply. First, Will a straight...
  8. Bubby4j

    Control/Dimming ETC R20 Issues

    I bought an ETC R20 used for our Sensor+ rack, however I think there may be an issue with the module.As you can see in the picture below, the "Power" indicator light for the bottom channel does not turn on unlike the top one. The "Signal" light is lit on both of them.I can hear the top relay...
  9. J

    Control/Dimming Dimmer in #1 space on Sensor rack always stays on

    Hi,We have an issue with a 96 dimmer Sensor rack. The dimmer #1 is always on. We've swapped modules and dimmer #1 still stays on. We split it as a dimmer doubler and one side works fine, the other doesn't (It stays on). Based on a suggestion in another thread, I've set the curve to linear...
  10. K

    Hog 4 PC Network over sACN or Art-Net

    So, I'm in a pickleI'm going to be designing (which around here means being an entire lighting crew) a show, and I really need/want every intelligent fixture we have for this show, but some dumb scheduling has left me with an express, where I was planning on a Hog 3. I've been running Hog 3 PC...