set design

  1. JJBerman

    Job: HS Performing Arts Center Technical Director Position--Middleton, WI

    For those interested (and please pass along to anyone who may be interested) The Middleton Performing Arts Center (Middleton WI) is looking for a new Technical Director. Job Posting: Performing Arts Center - Technical Director - Vacancy ID: 180846 While it is not noted in the posting, starting...
  2. Andrew McMillan

    Stage windows

    Hi AllI need to prepare technical drawings for our theatre workshop team to build a non-practical double sash hung Georgian window (see image below). For context it will sit approx 6m upstage in front of a cyc. The lit cyc doesn’t need to be seen through the window but the window does need to...
  3. ScorpioTech89

    Career Advice Getting back in the game

    So, I was a theatre major, specializing in tech theatre, in college. Attended for 2.5 years when money issues (as well as a small helping of health issues) pushed me to drop out, with the intention of returning and completing said schooling. Returning became impractical, and I have been bouncing...
  4. Techie93

    Cleaning a black scrim

    question for you all. I have a black scrim. It’s an old scrim and hasn’t been hung and stored properly. So when raised you see bits a pieces of debris. I was wonder if I take a small handheld vaccum and just gently vaccum and get that off. Also any other scrim cleaning tips? Thabks
  5. N

    Mechanics of pivoting walls

    Hi there! I'm designing a set where I'd like certain walls to pivot and I could use some advise.The idea is to have four walls making a cross, with the downstage 2 turning about 180 degrees each, and the upstage two stationary and braced/bolted into the stage behind. My thought of how to do...
  6. S

    Convert Act Curtain to Tableau

    Hi guys, I'm designing for an upcoming farce at my local theatre and I had the idea that a tableau curtain would really fit the feeling of the show. Our space has a common traveller type main drape that's a rich red, proscenium opening of 16'x32'. Does anyone have an experience with rigging an...
  7. dbaxter

    A Chorus Line mirrors

    The set for A Chorus Line is pretty simple, usually. But I thought I'd share what we did to add a little spice. I used lazy susan bearings on the bottom of the panels and a chain drive system up top. The motor is what's used to pull tarps over the top of dump trucks - lots of torque! Individual...
  8. JJBerman

    Performing Arts Center Director Position--Middleton, WI

    The Middleton Cross Plains Area School District is looking for a new Performing Arts Center(PAC) Director. The Middleton PAC is used over 300 days a year for school, community, and national events. Please see links below and contact myself via PM here or the contact information on the PAC...
  9. M

    Cost advantage for Broadway vs Hollywood Flats?

    What are the best building methods to control for costs? We typically build Hollywood style flats, but costs of lumber are exponential. We also don't have much storage space, so we tend to re-build flats often.Is there a cost advantage to using Broadway style flats? Another type?Any other...
  10. bdauterive

    Design and build of the Lion King Jr. Sun

    Recently I was given the task of designing and building the sun for the Lion King. Please come take a look at my blog on it and tell me what you think.
  11. AtlanticSmith

    Upstage Window in Mousetrap

    So, I'm mounting Agatha Christie's Mousetrap this season, and I'm looking for an inexpensive and safe way to make the window upstage center. I want there to be something in the frame so I can add a fan upstage to blow the curtains around. But I am stumpped on what material to use.I thought...