1. Fusrohdave

    How to brace Raised platform on turntable without visible bracing?

    I’m building a set for She Loves Me. The designer is more or less copying the broadway production. The middle unit is on a turntable. It has two levels, the first has a door and a spiral staircase, the second is an enclosed office. I have it mostly together but the thing is wobbly as hell. I’m...
  2. K

    Attachment of PVC Pipe to a Structural Post

    Hi all, I just wanted to thank all of your for your advice and time before hand!I'm currently working on a play and the set designer wants there to be a PVC post that connects from two upright poles in the set, and also two structural posts in the building where we are working. I've attached...
  3. nick_fouts

    Ideas for “spiking” rehearsal space where we can’t leave tape?

    Hi there,I am not sure if this is the right category, or even the right website to ask this, but I thought I would give it a shot.We are rehearsing for a production of Newsies the next few weeks. Our set will be multi-level with several platforms. We need to be able to rehearse with some...
  4. tdtastic

    Medieval/Renaissance Banners

    We have ONCE UPON A MATTRESS on this summer and the designer has come up with a HUGE castle set with a thousand and one little bits and things. One of which are painted 'banners' that would hang in the 'great hall.' Our painter doesn't have time to do these. Is there some magical source for...
  5. dbaxter

    Backdrop material

    Has anybody used/seen these wall tapestries? For the price they look pretty realistic.
  6. M

    Cost advantage for Broadway vs Hollywood Flats?

    What are the best building methods to control for costs? We typically build Hollywood style flats, but costs of lumber are exponential. We also don't have much storage space, so we tend to re-build flats often.Is there a cost advantage to using Broadway style flats? Another type?Any other...
  7. tdtastic

    faux rivet heads

    Looking for clever idea to create tons of faux rivet heads that can be attached to luan. I like the large upholstery tack idea, but want something that can mount onto the surface, not puncture. Also don't want to have to cast anything. I want to be able to walk into a store and buy a crap ton...
  8. I

    Broadway Show Stagedecks

    Hi everyone, I just found this site and am completely new to these forums but have a burning question I've been trying to solve for years. We are doing various musical productions and now want to build our own showdecks for each individual production. With tracks, turntables, lifts, special...
  9. AlexDavila

    Creative mic placement on a set

    About two years ago, I designed sound for a production of Brighton Beach Memoirs with a well-equipped community theatre. The audience was seated onstage on risers in a three quarter round configuration. The original intent was to embed mics into the set and rely on discreet area mic'ing in lieu...
  10. mightymel

    Removable Proscenium Hardware

    We have a proscenium that is about 18' x 50'. Its very plain and every year we talk about wanting to decorate it for our musicals and for our christmas programs. We are capable of building a false proscenium but I was wonder if there was some hardware out there that we could permanently...
  11. J

    Curved Ramp Advice

    Hello All,Long time reader of control booth but this is my first post. I am attempting to build a curved ramp for an upcoming production and need to calculate the angle that the ramp is on.First and foremost, I want to make sure the ramp will be safe and walkable, but also need to make sure...
  12. M

    Help building two rolling platforms

    Hi there, I have been designing sets for a while now...but have recently been tasked with creating construction drawings as well- normally my carp team takes care of it. I am wondering how best to make two moving platforms. One is 3ft high while the other is 20" high. The 20" one is more like a...
  13. jack.homer

    CAD for Mac

    hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me out ?i am looking for some CAD software that will work on a mac ?i am design lighting and sound and av at college and i need to make cad drawings !please help me and recommend some mac software and window but i Haven't t got that match space...