1. D

    Glaciator X Stream Making Floor Slippery

    I am using two Glaciator X Streams and they have recently started causing the floor in front of them to become very slippery. More than the normal amount. What do you thinks is the cause could it be the machine or perhaps the temp of the room? Any insight or ways to fix the problem or at least...
  2. stagebuilder

    Electric Confetti Cannon Recommendations?

    So we purchased two handheld confetti cannons for Music Man last year. This year the director thinks electric cannons would be better, more reliable. Issue is the same company, Artistry in Motion, has a price tag of $1125.00 for a single cannon shot. Does anyone have any experience with other...
  3. P

    Cryo jets trouble shooting

    Ran a gig last night with some cryo jets. They tested just fine and we shut off the tank to preserve fluid. Came time for the show and they made a lot of noise, and no plume. Went to fire the second cue, and same thing. All the noise, none of the effect. After the house cleared we fired them...
  4. tdtastic

    Troubleshooting SFX, by Stage Research

    Somehow SFX has screwed up and now I can no longer open my show file!!!! HELP!!! I can open older show files just fine, but when I try to open my current show file I get the error message attached. We love the program and don't usually have problems with SFX but this is the not the first or...
  5. Blassiter

    Dead and Poisoned Makeup look

    I am currently working on Jekyll and Hyde, the director wants each dead character to return to stage reflecting how they died. I have the bloody deaths covered. Is there a lexicon of makeup looks for different types of poisons? I was going to go with a hypoxia look if I couldn't find a better one.
  6. BMROW

    Using Rice as Rain on Stage...

    Hello,We're planning on using rice on stage as fake rain. We've got about 200kg of long-grain rice that I'm planning on dropping over 3 flown bars. One down stage, one mid stage and one up-stage. It dropping on to the floor is fine as the audience never see it and we have a scene change...