1. 'thaniel

    Shure - How to Maximize Your Gig Rig

    Learn how to evaluate your gear to make sure you have all of the right tools needed for your performances. From picks to stands and everything in between, Sr. Applications Engineer Justin Boller and Market Development Lead Laura Davidson will share their insights on what you need to be ready to...
  2. 'thaniel

    Shure - Workflow Series for Pro Audio: Battery Management and Workflow

    Take a deep dive into the Shure rechargeable battery ecosystem. In today’s world, we find ourselves migrating our workflow from disposable alkaline cells to newer, more efficient, eco-friendly rechargeable batteries. We’ll cover Shure’s offerings available for Axient Digital, ULX-D, QLX-D, PSM...
  3. 'thaniel

    Shure - Microphone Selection and Placement for Podcasting and Mobile Recording

    Are you interested in starting a podcast now that you are home? Or have you been podcasting for a while and are looking to up your audio game? Are you confused about how to choose the right mic for this new form of audio content? This webinar talks about microphone selection and placement and...
  4. TimMc

    Shure Axient Digital RF topics's different about the Axient RF, digital modulation, and why do users love it? Tune in.
  5. Jammer

    Microphones Wireless Microphone Elements

    We experience failures with Shure Microphone elements for wireless packs on a regular basis. Understand these may go bad after sometime, but the failure rate we are experiencing seems higher than it should be. We loose a couple of them every week as the show progresses. Some just fail...
  6. Rose03

    Shure UR4D/S Testing

    Hi all, A few Shure UR4Ds and UR4Ss fell into my lap recently. I'd like test them before I try to sell them but I have no real equipment to test them with. They all power on and seem to be fine. Is that good enough? Are they even worth trying to sell? (I was thinking $700 - $1000 for each reciever).
  7. Blake Alley

    Wireless Shure ULX2 Issues

    At our church, we have a series of Shure ULX2-J1s with various SM58 and BETA87A capsules but have lately been having problems with two specific transmitters. I think they are only a few years old and there were no obvious accidents (dropping, moisture, etc.) that triggered these failures.The...
  8. nick_fouts

    Wireless Need advice on wireless handhelds

    My school has a pair of Shure SM58 heads on UT2 wireless bases. The UT2 transmitters are both in the newly restricted 600MHz frequency range, so we can no longer use these mics—to my knowledge. :legalstuff:Does anyone know about the possibility of just purchasing new transmitter or hardwired...
  9. ravenboats

    Wireless Shure mics "popping" during show

    During our shows our Shure wireless systems (SLX G4 & G5, UC UA & UB) have been making popping noises. There's usually a buildup of clipping followed by a short "phht" sound. This has been going on for a few years and nothing has been done about it, but this year it has come to a head, becoming...
  10. nick_fouts

    Sennheiser Mic Maintenance

    We have 12 Sennheiser ew300 G3 lapel mic systems that we use twice yearly for high school musical productions. We take generally good care of them, but since I have taken over technical direction a few years ago, we have not really cleaned the mic packs or ME-2 mics much, as nobody ever taught...
  11. G

    Shure Body Mics

    I am working with my school to purchase some body mics for future events. The school came back with the Shure ULXS 14/85 or the Shure ULXS 124/85-J1.Does anyone have experience with the 14/85 body mics? If so, what are your reviews?
  12. Rod Reilly

    Bodymics for bodymics, hairline-wig, lavalier and headset mics

    Just joined. I asked a new client last night where he got my name, and he told me Control Booth. Figured I had better check things out.Our goal is to meet the needs of the wireless microphone users in theatre/theater with mic elements, transmitter belts, production hangers, antenna systems...
  13. mcubed4130

    Rental Recommendations US West Coast or US, for wireless sound

    Hello everyone,Based on various threads like this one - many others, it seems like it may be better to rent my various wireless microphones (likely Shure QLX-D or Sennheiser 300 or 500s) when I need...
  14. A

    Shure SLX Issues

    Hi All,Working on a show with 8 SLX transmitters. Last night for the first time (had the mics for a week) we had the channel change automatically on one of the belt packs but not on the receiver during the show without being touched (or so we think).Has anyone had this happen and if so is...