side light

  1. Rip Van Winkle

    Projected backdrops on a multipurpose stage

    Has anyone found good solutions for reliable, semipermanent setups to light a multipurpose stage with projected backgrounds?I’m very interested in all answers, but here’s my specific context: I’m an out-of-practice sound designer & engineer who volunteered to help backstage at my kids’ school...
  2. Jordan Street

    Plot Question: Side Lighting Instrument Spacing & Labeling

    I'm having an OCD situation and need advice on how to solve or overcome it. I'm using a rep plot that was designed by a well-known local designer and it has some pretty dense side lighting on the onstage electrics. It's not Broadway-level dense, but 90 instruments (five separate systems across...
  3. D

    Design Side Lighting Solutions

    Hi all!I'm noodling this question for my own theaters: What would my ideal side lighting position be? And how do I make the position as simple to access, hang, circuit, and focus as possible?A little background on the question in itself: I work for a university meaning the level of skilled...