1. SunbirdTD

    EL Wire (5mm) for Neon?

    Designing "Guys and Dolls" for the spring and I am looking at an inexpensive way to create neon signage. I'm wondering if anyone out there has ever used an adapter/inverter to run EL wire through the dimmer system, so each sign can have it's own channel and I don't have to rely on run-crew and...
  2. Drafty App

    Introducing Drafty

    Greetings!I've been developing a new cloud based CAD tool for lighting, sound, and projection designers. We are currently in Beta with a scheduled launch date of January 25th.I am hoping to truly serve the entertainment industry. As such Drafty has been built from the ground up to be fast...
  3. Kozak

    Dmx signal issue when switching boards

    Hello all! I've just got done doing lighting for an event at my church, and something is bugging me. I'll keep is short and to the point: (maybe not)We rented a fancy board (jands vista s3) and fancy moving lights, and we used the permanently installed lights in the venue. We plugged into the...