1. SouthTownProd

    I'm needing a little help with lighting configurations

    I recently decided to get the ADJ Wifly RGBW8C Wireless Controller and i was going to use my chauvet lights (slimpar 56's and colorpallete) with the board as a backup in case my laptop doesn't work. I hooked everything up like i did with my other board (ex. light to wifly adapter), but i noticed...
  2. SouthTownProd

    Question about SlimPar 56's and Chauvet Obey 10

    I have 16 of the slimpars and i have them connected via the adj wi-fly's and when i put them on the addresses they need to be in, i noticed something weird. When it's in 3 channel mode it works fine, but when i switch to 7 channel mode, the 1st fader for the red channel turns to the green...