1. Jay Ashworth

    Can a deep-clear on a SmartFade break anything?

    I'm back in an old venue in March, and I'm told that on their last show, their SF2496 -- which never really gave us any problems on any show I did there -- blew it's mind out in a car during intermission at one show, pushing them 15 minutes late (and possibly requiring them to run the rest of...
  2. ihitwithstix

    ETC Smartfade

    So, the band is looking at options for an upgraded DMX controller.. We played a small theatre that had an ETC Smartfade console and it seemed to work well for them. Does anyone has experience with this console? I need to know things like ease of programming, durability, compatibility with...
  3. Tim Boyer

    ETC Smartpack (x2)

    All - make me an offer. I've included a picture from B & H so that you can see the retail pricing. I want to clarify - this is for TWO brand new 12 channel dimmers. It's a killer price, and I need to move the gear so please contact me if you have interest. We can figure out the shipping too...