1. E

    Old Clear-Com Question

    Hey Everyone,This is my first post so bare with me... but!The facilities I am working in right now just came across with a pretty big problem last night in tech with our clear-com system. We started to randomly getting a high pitched squeal through the entire system, almost like a "fire...
  2. nussbaumjm87

    Installs Snake Issues

    I'm having problems with my copper snake. Channel 1 (send) only functions well with a condenser mic and phantom power. A dynamic mic comes in very degraded and at low volume. My cable tester shows good continuity on all 3 conductors, but of course that doesn't guarantee signal quality. It's a...
  3. Harrison

    Viability of DIY Audio Snake

    First off - I've read that building a snake from the ground up is generally discouraged because the amount of work and the price of components typically makes it not worth it.I get that - but I have most of the raw materials and a very small budget. I've got a leftover spool of 24 AWG shielded...
  4. S

    120V Power Snake

    First, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Over the past few years, I have seen numerous cables, both homemade and store bought, which are like a FOH Audio Snake. Instead of having 4 different extension cords, it is a power snake, with 4 channels of independent power. So the male ends plug into a...