soft goods

  1. P

    Traveler Track Hand Line takes a TON of force to pull

    My theater has a single track center part traveler hung on an ADC Besteel 170 track and I'm having a lot of trouble getting it to close. I recently replaced the homemade overlap carriers that my predecessor made (which didn't overlap very well) with the actual Model 2602s, and ever since I...
  2. P

    Folding Soft Goods with Fullness

    Hi all,I was wondering if anyone has some pointers on folding soft goods that have fullness, specifically traveler panels. I know the standard 3-4 top to bottom folds and then fold in towards center for both sides, but I've had trouble in the past keeping soft goods with fullness neat because...
  3. Hutcoy

    Lame soft goods

    I have never heard this term before. I assume it refers to Mylar curtains or some other shimmer curtain.Does anyone have a definition for "Lame Soft Goods"?