1. S

    Onyx (M-PC) now limiting its free software

    For a time Onyx (was M-PC during the time) offered a generous 4 universes with their free software. Now they have a new license structure, which will basically limit the free version of the software to 1 universe. The next tier would be the Onyx Nova license (comes with NX dongle), which grants...
  2. Rex Lupa Primus

    VERY Simple CYC Projection - Do I need software?

    I'm a high school student running tech for a middle school production.The director has asked if I can project a winter scene with falling snow onto the cyc. I've spent time researching projection modeling software on and off this forum, but most of the solutions I've found are designed to...
  3. coyoteawooo

    Import Profile on GrandMA on PC

    So, I'm missing several lights on my GMA on PC software that I need.I have the files on the console, but it's hard to flip a console in the cab of a truck, so I've always found it easier to work up a few things on PC in advance and copy it over. The problem is that the list on my PC software...
  4. WFair

    Follow-Me Follow Spot Controller

    I have been looking into remote-operated followspots for high school level musicals. There are a lot of reasons that this may be better for our specific venue than sticking with the good old fashioned catwalk option, but I will skip that for now. Specifically, I am aware of some VERY high-end...
  5. Chase P.

    Control/Dimming Elation Magic 260 crash

    A couple years ago, I had a problem with an Elation Magic 260, and was frustrated by what turned out to be the fix. I thought I'd put the story here so that other poor saps might have a chance of running across it while searching the Google.First, not the console I would have chosen, but it...
  6. H

    Theatre Facility Design Software

    I wasn't sure which forum to post this question in...I am in search of a 3-d software package to design a new Fine/Performing Arts Center for our school.I am not a professional architect. I am familiar enough with Vectorworks to put together the basics for scenic construction but that...
  7. tdtastic

    Troubleshooting SFX, by Stage Research

    Somehow SFX has screwed up and now I can no longer open my show file!!!! HELP!!! I can open older show files just fine, but when I try to open my current show file I get the error message attached. We love the program and don't usually have problems with SFX but this is the not the first or...
  8. theview

    High School High School students designing lights

    Hello all. I am the Technical Theater Director/Stagecraft Teacher for a private K-12 School. In my lighting unit I have begun making students create a light show, along to some music for their final lighting assignment. We are working off of an ION, and so far it has seemed to work pretty well...
  9. Steve Butcher

    Recommations School Control Setup

    Hi all! I've been beating my brains for a couple weeks reading through forums and product pages trying to decide on a console/software combination, but I just can't determine what might be best for our needs. We currently run an older console-only system that doesn't support enough channels to...
  10. Joshualangman

    QLab does lighting now

    Just spreading the word.
  11. D

    Please recommend the best laptop-based cued lighting system

    Hi everyone, I need some advise. I'm based in India, and 90% of the lighting I do for theatrical shows is on submasters, live. The other 10% is on Avolite boards. I have trained on ETC consoles with Go buttons, but that was over 6 years ago in the US.I need to light two plays in the next...
  12. W

    Help! Strand NEO Issues

    Hello All, I am designing GREASE on a strand NEO, and today I had an issue. This just started today. At some point during the cue list, something is happening to a set of 7 lights (STRAND PLFRESNEL MK11) on the same electric. They all stay on a certain color and intensity and will not respond to...
  13. S

    3D Visualizer (Capture, Wysiwyg, LD Assistant)

    I am looking to use a different visualizer. I used to use Martin Show Designer but I can't stand it anymore. I have been looking a Wysiwig ,LD Assistant, and Capture mainly because of their capabilities to do the special effects. I work heavily with special effects on top of my lighting so that...
  14. Robert Rivera

    How to make projection animation like beyonce

    Hello, guys our school just recieved a Panasonic PT_ EZ770Z U Projector with a huge snap on screen by DA- Lite products. We want to knw what softwares are out their to create a similar video effects to Beyonce Video shown below?
  15. T

    New DMX Software

    Hey CB, I have been a member for a while, mostly reading and sharing the community with others. Anyway, I have been working on a brand new concept is lighting control for the past couple of years and when it came to debuting it, I thought of only one place, The Booth.LightRift just launched...