sound control

  1. B

    Mixers/Consoles Yamaha Rivage PM7

    Hello. I am the sound designer/operator at my theatre. We are looking into upgrading our sound console from the LS9. One that both my technical director and I have taken interest in is the PM7. Now, the only issue I'm having is that I can't seem to find any source of where to buy one or even get...
  2. R

    Starting New: LED + R/T + Board

    HiI am trying to put together lighting for an auditorium at a church. What would you recommend for lighting equipment, given we are not sophisticated users, but would like a good lighting system which can last for some time.Preference is wireless, we have Cat5/Cat6, but it will be...
  3. Stuart R

    Need to buy or build a rolling "tech booth"

    Greetings all -Scene: School "cafetorium" with no booth, and no ability build/install anything permanent (i.e. it's a working cafeteria!)Need: A rolling "tech booth" that can accommodate our lighting and sound ops and their equipment. I'm imagining a table on locking casters, with 50% of the...