sound design

  1. 'thaniel

    RCF - Subwoofer Modeling within Ease Focus w/ Jim Reed

    Topics: - Companion Subwoofers for Line Arrays - Flying Standalone Sub Arrays - Sub Array Configurations - Designing Sub Arrangements for Installed SystemsLecturer: Jim ReedRegistration Required: Register Here (set time to America/New York)
  2. 'thaniel

    RCF - Houses of Worships: sound system design principles and case studies

    Topics: - A large portfolio to meet a diversified opportunity - Is it loud enough? Modern HOWs and large membership temples - Can everybody understand? Challenging old historic HOWs - Q & ALecturers: Michele Begotti, Francesco VenturiRegistration Required: Register Here (set time to...
  3. T

    Sound Design Question for CRY IT OUT

    I am designing sound for our upcoming production of CRY IT OUT. I am director by trade but dabble in sound design. The show calls for two baby monitors with the sound source being from the monitor itself. I am firing from Qlab 3. Obviously this would need to be a remote fire. I haven't the...
  4. JJBerman

    Performing Arts Center Director Position--Middleton, WI

    The Middleton Cross Plains Area School District is looking for a new Performing Arts Center(PAC) Director. The Middleton PAC is used over 300 days a year for school, community, and national events. Please see links below and contact myself via PM here or the contact information on the PAC...
  5. Techie93

    "Tinny" sound EQ issue

    I'm currently mixing a musical. Someone had a "tinny" sound coming from there mic. Having a hard time fixing it. Any suggestions in the eq in the board? Any help is awesome!!
  6. Techie93

    Mic Tape for sweaty actors

    I am currently working on a production. I have a few actors that are heavy sweaters. And the typical 3M Transpore tape doesn't stick well. Any suggestions on alternatives???
  7. CSCTech

    Recorded pre-show announcement?

    Hello, I was thinking about getting a better way to let the audience know that a show is about to begin, I thought it might be better to have a recording saying something like "Ladys and gentleman, please make your way to your seats. The show is about to begin." And maybe another saying "Ladys...
  8. Techie93

    Hiding Mic Packs

    I am currently Sound designing a production for The Full Monty. If you don't know about the show. It's basicly about guys looking for work and becoming male strippers. There are a few moments in the show. Especially at the end when 5 of the male leads strip down to dance belts while singing. My...
  9. Techie93

    Lost Connect Sound Effect

    Im trying to get an certain effect on Adobe Audition. Im looking to get an effect that feels like lost connection. The character in the play just went through an incident and she used the waves of oceans as her connection to get her calm, I want to create the effect that she lost it or cant find...
  10. Drafty App

    Introducing Drafty

    Greetings!I've been developing a new cloud based CAD tool for lighting, sound, and projection designers. We are currently in Beta with a scheduled launch date of January 25th.I am hoping to truly serve the entertainment industry. As such Drafty has been built from the ground up to be fast...
  11. Susan Donahue

    Sound Design "Board Risers"

    I have a student designer who needs to know for a portfolio she is doing for a competition. We have asked several people and google searched "board riser" sound design and nothing relevant comes up. Help!