sound plots

  1. Roma V

    Rudimentary Block Diagram Question

    Hello! I am a high school senior and I have a college technical theatre interview on Friday and was hoping to show them how the sound system at my high school is set up. I don't really have any formal training, but I found information about block diagrams on the internet and thought it would be...
  2. Susan Donahue

    Sound Design "Board Risers"

    I have a student designer who needs to know for a portfolio she is doing for a competition. We have asked several people and google searched "board riser" sound design and nothing relevant comes up. Help!
  3. Drafty App

    Introducing Drafty

    Greetings!I've been developing a new cloud based CAD tool for lighting, sound, and projection designers. We are currently in Beta with a scheduled launch date of January 25th.I am hoping to truly serve the entertainment industry. As such Drafty has been built from the ground up to be fast...
  4. M

    Show Dispersion Range in Vectorworks?

    Hey guys! So lately, I've been trying to plot out a sound plot for theatre I'm in and I'm having trouble trying to see what the dispersion of the speakers looks like. I checked out the 2015 manual for vectorworks and it says that within the perameters you can show "Show Dispersion Range" but I'm...