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  1. S

    Video Lighting question

    I am TD for a HS theatre Program. Has anyone used the ETC Source Four Fresnels for video applications. Trying to set my Black Box up so that it can be used by our media students as a studio from time to time but I can't break the bank. Thanks in advance for your opinions! Shane
  2. Joel Engelhardt

    Using ETC Source Four for Broadcast Lighting - Lamp Intensity vs. Color Temperature?

    Hey there, I am a long-time reader but first-time poster. Booyah! I contract at a large campus of a local church, and we are planning to re-hang our front light ETC Source Four ellipsoidals.I am told that our goal color temperature on-stage 5600K. We are planning to use Full CTB gel to...
  3. A

    Used Stage Lighting Equipment Donations

    I work for a non-profit dance center in upstate NY. As such, we have a very limited budget for purchasing new equipment. At the same time, there are numerous large theaters and television studios that have or are in the process of upgrading to all LED instruments. I am aware of some that...
  4. IanTech

    S4 Series 2 Lustr vs Ovation E-910FC

    Has anyone compared these fixtures? Any thoughts? I was thinking about purchasing a mix of them as I hear the Ovations have more saturated colors. I was thinking Ovations for high sides, back lighting, some front lighting and for the stage wash Source Four Series 2 Lustrs.I know buying...
  5. DannyDepac

    Using a wall dimmer for a Source four follow spot??

    Hi Everyone - You've never failed me before so I'm back! lolI am putting together my own DIY Followspot from an ETC source 4 ellipsoidal (5 degree) 750 watt.I want it to be dimmable by the operator. I saw a couple of videos that use a regular old home "wall dimmer switch" inline with the...
  6. lightingman117

    S4 max ambient temperature for max lamp life?

    Cross posted to PSW:,167532.msg1545856.html#msg1545856ETC Source 4 (S4) 575w fixtures Ceiling Cove = 6ft x 1.5ft x 2.5ft (L x W x H) Air conditioned room year round. The current coves have a grate that opens to the attic. Venue wants to close that...
  7. jt3

    Conventional Fixtures Cost Effective (Cheap) LED LEKO for Outdoors?

    My boss is going GOBO wild and wants more and more put into our show every year. 90% of them are used outdoors. I am up to 14 Source Four 750s and I'm out of power. We've built "rain bonnets" to help weather proof the electric end of the units and that works well. I'm thinking of getting the...
  8. Chuck Reece

    Source4 Bench Focus Cross-threaded

    Hi All,We just did our first lighting maintenance week in a couple of (o.k. 5, don't get me started) years, and we came across 4 or 5 Source 4 (1999 model) units that the bench nut for centering the lamp would not budge. In trying, we broke off the plastic thumb tabs, and now we can't even...
  9. M

    Review for Source 4wrds?

    Hello Everyone,My venue is looking to purchase 30 new Source 4s. In a surprise turn our Board asked about the LED options, so here I am researching the ETC Source 4wrds. I know they are still relatively new, but I can't seem to find a lot of reviews about them. Does anyone have hands on...
  10. Harold

    Conventional Fixtures Replacing ancient Colotran: Used S4 v new S4 Jr?

    A school I work with often has just approved ~$3000 to replace the old Berkey Colortrans that they've been using as frontlight for the last couple of decades. My initial instinct was to get Jrs. so that we could get more instruments, but looking into pricing (it's been a few years since I've...
  11. Brentgi

    ETC Source 4wrd & DMX Loss

    I recently installed some Source 4wrd retrofits. I am really happy with these fixtures and they perform as advertised. Great job ETC!However, one thing that I cringe to think about...When the S4wrd loses DMX, the light goes out. And there's no way to change DMX loss behavior.Just hope...
  12. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming Crimp stage pin connectors. Reusable?

    I have a bunch of fixtures that im replacing sockets on, and they all have crimped stage pin connectors, is there any way to reuse these? Do you have to buy new pins? Is it even worth it?Clay
  13. TheTheaterGeek

    FT: 36° S4 Barrels for 19°and 26°

    Got spec'd a rig with nothing but 36° Barrels. Need to start getting tighter beams. Will consider 50°s as well but mostly looking for smaller. Even as low as 10° maybe.We have a lot and looking to trade straight 1 to 1.Thanks, Clay