stage floor

  1. gafftaper

    What paint do you use on your stage floor?

    I was shocked when I couldn't find a thread discussing what paint people are using on their stage floors. So here it is!My new theater is in need of a paint job and I have no record of what my predecessor used. I'm not very happy with the current paint as I get a pretty strong light...
  2. K

    Problems marking floor, need suggestions.

    Need an alternative to gaff tape! [Ik the horror...] I'm the stage manager for a church camp, and the floor of the building we're in is always covered in red dirt [Oklahoma]. This makes taping the stage or floor near impossible. We've found a way around taping cords, we just can't mark the stage...
  3. E

    New Stage Deck Surface

    Saw this stuff at USITT anyone used anything similar and do they have any thoughts they'd like to share? It looks like a bit of an investment, but potentially exactly what we're looking for.