stage pin

  1. ademhayyu1

    Control/Dimming Stage Pin to DMX

    Hello,There is this huge yearly event coming up at our school and I am the technical director for this event. There are some pretty big performances and poets coming for this and I'd like to be able to use some of the theater's fixtures to light up these performances.I will be purchasing...
  2. Rose03

    Send DMX over Bates?

    This is probably a terrible ideas but I want to know. Is it possible to send a 3pin dmx signal down a dimming circuit that is not connected to a dimmer? Would there be too much interference from other live circuits?
  3. Chase P.

    ETC stage pin outlets loose

    Hey folksOne of the venues I freelance in had an ETC system installed in their mainstage and their blackbox as part of a whole building renovation about four years ago. The mainstage has a mixture of panel mounted stage pin outlets and Socco outlets, and the blackbox has ETC Smartbars.I'm...
  4. TheTheaterGeek

    Control/Dimming Crimp stage pin connectors. Reusable?

    I have a bunch of fixtures that im replacing sockets on, and they all have crimped stage pin connectors, is there any way to reuse these? Do you have to buy new pins? Is it even worth it?Clay
  5. Harrison

    Salvaging Raceways

    So our HS auditorium is the process of being renovated (Finally!!!). The other day, they pulled down the raceways from the electrics (yep, everything was fixed) and asked us what we want to do with them. Since they had to pull them down on a scissor lift, we now have two raceways (40'ish, 2P&G...
  6. Brendan

    ADJ Basic Fog Machine Controlled Edison to Stage Pin

    Instead of renting a DMX fogger, would it be possible to tape down the on switch and using a Edison to Stage Pin adapter, turn the machine on and off. Or would this ruin the machine?