1. Julian Amrine

    Hidden escape stairs... ideas?

    Our design calls for escape stairs that fold out of the side of a 4x4x4' wagon during one scene (they are escape stairs and are never seen by the audience) and also fold in to the interior during other scenes so it can butt up flush to other scenery. Any ideas on how to do this smoothly? Just...
  2. K

    Large Stair unit - Best way to build?

    Hi all-- in the process of designing a stair unit--The top tread will be at 88" height and will be 48" wide- The bottom Tread will 16' wide. Tread depth is approx 1 foot. So basically I need 10 1 foot platforms. Its a big pyramid.My thinking was to build a series of individually supported 2...
  3. spotlightondance

    Translucent Surface for Tap Dance

    We are experimenting with creating translucent raised platforms for tap dancers to dance on. We'd like platforms to contain both dmx controlled lighting as well as cameras pointing up to live feed video of the bottom of the tap shoes as they hit the surface above the performers using...
  4. Jason M Wagner

    Adding Temporary Stairs, Front of Stage into Aisle

    Railing Need??We have a company that has built a set of stairs leading up from our audience area onto the stage. Normally, the only way to the stage is to walk around to the sides and enter onto the far sides of the apron.The height of the stage from the floor- 41.5"Stairs the client has...