1. M

    VL-880 Issue

    Hello,I have a question about an issue I’m having with a VL-880. I have 7- 880’s total. A different one had this same issue last fall that I’m having with this one. The problem is when I plug power into it, it starts turning off and on and of and on like trying to start a car with an almost...
  2. Oliver Guy

    Design Martin Mac 301 not booting?

    Hi there,We just recently purchased 6 Martin Mac 301 fixtures from 4Wall ( They were all working great, but one of them was taking about 45 seconds longer to boot. After about 2 days of use, this one will not turn on at all. The fan on the underside of the fixture will not...
  3. fofosfederation

    Control/Dimming My Intelligent Fixtures Power Up When My Board Shuts Down

    General I'm a student at a college theater, and we have an incredibly annoying problem where a random number of our intelligent lights will power up as soon as our lighting board turns off. Our SetupETC Eos Lighting Board Connects to an ETC Net3 Show Control Gateway Ancient ETC Dimmer Rack...