1. Naomi S. Gold

    ETC S4 Barrel Storage

    I am working on reorganizing all of my lighting equipment where I work and am wondering how everyone else prefers to store their ETC S4 barrels that aren’t currently in a fixture. I could stack them on shelves - which is what we’ve been doing - but was wondering if anyone has a different...
  2. Lightguy5

    LED SMD strip storage?

    No, not the striplight variety, the flexible surface mounted LED strips. University theatre reuses as much as possible, and I'm basically just cheap frugal with my budget.I'm slowly drowning in spools, bundles, rolls, and wadded masses of LED strips. I try to not remove the backing tape if...
  3. dvsDave

    Beautiful Gear Storage

    I ran across this thread on Reddit last night: is an inside look at the production company, Threefold, and how they organize their Gear and Camera Hall.The shelves are pallet racking shelves...
  4. dvsDave

    How to Fold a Backdrop 2019-12-31

    "How To Fold A Backdrop!" (with special thanks to "The Backstage Handbook" by Paul Carter)Download here
  5. WFair

    Hand Props General Categories

    This summer I will be embarking on a complete overhaul of my props storage. I intend to pull it all out, categorize it, photograph it, bin it (in clear plastic), and put most of it back in an organized manner. If you have a well-organized prop inventory, would you mind sharing the general...
  6. S

    Conventional Fixtures SourceFour PAR Lens Storage Methods

    How do you store Source Four Par lenses? This goes for in house usage as well as touring/taking on road.
  7. techietim

    Storage of Lamps and Lampholders

    Hey folks,So, recently I have produced 20x lamp holders on 5M of cable (with a 15A plug) and an E27 lampholder on the end. These are designed for use in a production we are running in early June.Now that they are all produced, I need some of your thoughts on the best way to store the units...
  8. tdtastic

    Gel Storage Upgrade

    it's 2017 for God's sake. I'm so over manila file folders. There has GOT to be a better way of storing get cuts that is easy to peruse but won't turn into a giant mess!!! Someone out there has surely come up with a clever way to do this better, and I want to know how!Also taking ideas for...
  9. MRW Lights

    Tool Cage wish list

    I have somehow finagled the higher ups to let me gut and redo my tool room and a couple of storage spaces. THIS IS NOT A TEST! Of course there is a budget, but I'm in NYC so a budget for a closet scene shop can go a long way.I want to hear your I wish I hads, wouldn't it be great if and whose...
  10. V

    Storing painted drops: folded vs crumpled?

    I have a couple painted drops I'm using for a tour. In this design, the bottom of the drops are cut away irregularly, so there's nowhere for a pipe or chain pocket. In the past I've folded them, but found the creases are hard to get out without a way to weight the bottom. I'm considering...
  11. kevinatblinn

    Vertical Steel Storage suggestions?

    In the past, I've only purchased enough steel for the project at hand. That was when delivery was free. Now that I'm being charged $75 each time to get 20 foot sticks, I'm interested in building a stock. I don't have room for horizontal storage, but plenty of height. Anyone care to snap and...