strand 250ml

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    Questions on the Phillips Strand Lighting 250ML

    Hi all,Some background information: My high school has a Philips Strand Lighting 250ML Lighting Control Console that the school purchased back in 2016. We have a modestly sized system of 82 light fixtures, a mixture of Altman 65Q Fresnels, Strand Century Iris 4's, Strand Century Lekolites...
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    Control/Dimming Strand 250ML MIDI

    Hello, I have a Strand 250ML in our school's auditorium (not by choice :) ). I am trying to find a way to use its MIDI Interference to have Qlab send cue commands to the Lighting Board via MIDI. I have found little to no information on this and I want to pick your all's brains on this. This...
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    Strand 250ml

    I'm new to this console and Showline 155 Zoom LED fixtures, although I've used analogue consoles for years. 1 Can I write a cue or sub master from 2 different pages? 2 Can I use bump buttons to have an LED fixture scroll thru colours? 3 Is there a better area for my question?