strand lighting

  1. J

    Strand Lighting CD80SV Non-Dim Modules Failing

    Hi everyone,Has anyone had experience with replacing/repairing Strand's CD80SV "Z" Type 2.4kW Non-Dim Relay modules? My high school has had 2 of these units fail, in one of them both relay control boards have failed and in the other one only one board has failed. Is there an easy way to repair...
  2. C

    Selecon rama 150 Fresnels

    I have a group of Selecon Rama 150 6 inch fresnels that are not *really* working. Some of them seem to have wiring problems, and the lamps blow at alarming rates. We even had an issue when a lamp blew right after being replaced, and almost put a student in danger. Has anyone else experienced...
  3. Captain_419

    Strand GSX (yes the golf ball board) Floppy Issue

    Hello, I have an old Strand GSX 64000 (golf ball spectacular) i have tried for a few days now to figure out why it wont save to the floppy disk anymore, i have tried replacing the drive with another and to no avail. I was wondering if any of you have had similar issues or if anyone knows what...
  4. Jrmuffun

    Gsx 64000

    I have been trying to find an operators manual for the strand lighting gsx 64000 and to no avail, i have not found one. I was just wondering if anybody has one that i can look at to try and figure out how this thing works...
  5. C

    Strand CD 80 power issue

    We have been having dimming issues with our lighting since our supply power was changed from three phase to single phase. We have lost dimming capability at the low end.We have Strand CD 80 packs connected to a ETC Express 9648. I did confirm that the phase selectors are in single, but they...
  6. Keegand

    MagicQ and Strand Lighting Mx

    My school has an old Strand Lighting Mx board. I was wondering if we could use MagicQ the program to control it over midi, and then over mobile?