1. M

    Vision.Net Designer 4.5

    Hello!I'm the tech director at a few schools in my area, and one of them has an older Vision.Net house light control system. Since I took over the space, we've made a few changes to the house lights and work lights, however I have no way to update those presets in the Vision.Net system. I've...
  2. EMJ

    Control/Dimming Any old school Strand Palette OS experts out there?

    OK, long story short, I'm helping out a high school and trying to get their board communicating with some old VL1000 movers. The background is as follows:The building's about 14 years old and has a Strand Preset Palette 32/64 board (300 channels) running 2 racks of Strand C-21 dimmers. All...
  3. EMJ

    Need Help/advice regarding Strand N21 DMX nodes

    Hi,I'm hoping maybe someone can get me on the right track with getting some Strand N21 DMX nodes working at my kids high school.Here's the background: The school was built about 15 years ago and most everything is original to it's construction. It's got a Strand Preset Palette 32/64...
  4. A

    CD80 Non-Dim Patch?

    To start, I have 2 full-size CD80 dimmer racks with C21 control systems. Most modules are dual 2.4kw dimmer modules, I have one factory labeled constant power, and a couple of modified constant power modules. My controller is a full-sized Strand Neo Console. For an upcoming show in a couple of...
  5. PrettyFlyForALightGuy

    Strand Neo

    Hello fellow friends. If you're looking for a great laugh on a Friday continue to read this. OK so I'm completely(as of late November) to the technical aspect of the theater. I've been training on an Ion Classic while we also have a Strand Neo(only first used today by yours truly). Over the past...
  6. Gage

    Feel free to post photos/stories of the nastiest or most concerning lighting instruments you've found.

    Feel free to move this to a different section, or combine it with another thread if it's already a thing, I didn't find any threads exactly like this, but I'm notoriously bad at searching for things.I thought I could start out with a fuzzy strand lekolite, every single one in the air was in...
  7. W

    CD80 Rack Module questions

    I've been asked to come up with a wish list for one of the high school theaters I manage and some new lighting came to mind immediately. I'm looking into getting some LED cyc lights (Spectra Cyc 50s) to replace our current incandescent units, but I'd like to provide power to them using our...
  8. dreamist

    WANTED: CD80SV processor card

    Does anyone have a working CD80SV rack processor card still hanging around somewhere that they'd like to sell?My processor card had a pretty significant corrosion event related to a battery leak during Covid downtime, and my dealer took a look at it on the bench and decided it wasn't...
  9. J

    Palette VL 16

    We have a Philips Strand Palette VL 16 that has trouble booting up...every time we power on it lands on a screen that says DigitalEngine...we have to force power off around 4-5 times before it boots correctly. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  10. J

    Upgrading 35 year old Strand AMX192 system

    Thanks for letting me join this group! I work at a small HS with an app. 500 seat auditorium. The lighting system is about 35 years old and in need of improvement. I am not a lighting specialist, just a music teacher helping out.We have a Strand AMX192 system with an assortment of...
  11. Rose03

    Old Lighting Desk For Sale

    Since my recent foray into lighting I have always been interested by the earlier etc and strand consoles (particularly the light palettes and microvision). To my frustration I haven't been able to find any for sale. Could anyone point me on the right direction?
  12. sborder

    Control/Dimming Strand 550i Motherboard Replacement & Keyboard Problem

    Hello all,My Strand 550i recently started having issues where it wouldn't detect the video card / Strand daughter board. I decided to test out a different motherboard, which was a Pentium III (the original was a Pentium II), everything seemed to work fine with the new motherboard, the console...
  13. Kyle McAnally

    Conventional Fixtures Axial Strand 6x12s

    Hey All,So I've got two different Strand 6x12s, one marked 6x12L with a slightly longer body and one marked as a normal 6x12. Do these fixtures have different photometrics? Just trying to wrap my head around how to use these best but can't find any documentation. Any info documents would be...
  14. Jackalope

    Add Fixtures to library Strand Palette Live

    Hi all,We have successfully created a dmx controlled keyboard emulator using arduino shields and components to trigger Qlab. We are hoping to create a fixture for the emulator so that instead of dealing with 5 channels, we can use the encoders as transport controls. I couldn't find any...
  15. hanoacosta

    Vintage Lighting Vintage Century Strand dimmer

    Hi Folks,I'm trying to track down schematics for some old (1974 I think) Strand dimmers. There are no markings on the rack, the individual dimmer modules say "Model 306." There are 4kw, 6kw, and 12kw variants. Here's a couple images if that helps:Image:IMG_20170418_155807.jpg|none...
  16. DannyDepac

    Control/Dimming Updating Windows on Strand Palette board / doesn't start up

    Hello Guys,I am a high school teacher who also does the stage crew/ tech aspects of our plays/musicals at school so forgive any of my noobieness.So we have a 32/64 palette strand board that I am starting to get pretty used to using. Its about 8-9 years old and for the past few years we...
  17. scotteckers

    Intelligent Power System Intelligent Raceway - DMX Address?

    I am trying to set the DMX start address on Intelligent Power System Intelligent Raceways that were installed about 12-15 years ago. The manufacturer was originally ET Dimming, which was acquired by Rosco and then Strand/Genlyte/Philips. There are two models -- the 6-dimmer bar and the 900...
  18. jayvee

    Control/Dimming Looking for Strand 430 parts

    Hi all,I've inherited a Strand 430 desk that came with the message: "it doesn't work". Being ever the optimist, I plugged it all up to see if I could determine what degree of "doesn't work" I'm looking at. Well, it doesn't even fire up. At all. I popped the hood and everything looks...
  19. W

    Help! Strand NEO Issues

    Hello All, I am designing GREASE on a strand NEO, and today I had an issue. This just started today. At some point during the cue list, something is happening to a set of 7 lights (STRAND PLFRESNEL MK11) on the same electric. They all stay on a certain color and intensity and will not respond to...
  20. P

    Help! Strand lighting

    Hello guys and galsI am working at a summer camp which has a philips strand lighting pallete preset 32/64 Playback. Very VERY different from the ETC Ion I am used to. After I turned on the board only 3 lights and the computer monitor came on. It seemed that non of the board buttons except...