stressed skin

  1. Stoickthelesser

    Triscuit theorycrafting

    I'm trying to wrap my head around some finer details of the physics of stressed skin.Do both plywood skins have to be the same thickness? It feels like they should, because the skins having different deflection strengths would seem to undermine the strength of the construction, but would I...
  2. tdtastic

    Stress Skin SKINs

    Taking a poll: what do you skin your stress-skin platforms or 'triscuits' with and why? How do you like to attach your top surface for max hold without putting a thousand holes in your stock platforms.Our shop has been using MDF for a while, and frankly we're tired of moving that heavy crap...
  3. Daniel Woodard

    How did you build your Triscuit platform

    I want to switch to the triscuit platforms and I've seen that there are many ways to do this: Yale 5/4 lumber & 5/8 plywood, Penn State 1 inch thick extruded polystyrene with 5/8 OSB & Texas metal frame design and several other variations. This is a small community theatre and many times there...