1. lightgod

    Party Mode; Colortran Encore help

    I know my username may be lightgod, but I'm stumped, and now I've been demoted to a lightqueen.So, my school has an older board (Coltran Encore) that was recently wiped. In the process of several different people repatching it, we've accidentally lost a few functions. If anyone could help...
  2. Palms

    Budget LED Pars Recommendations

    Hello!Just had my design budget slashed due to a set overspend and so now I'm on the hunt for 9 budget LED pars that will take DMX control.I need them ideally to be RGBW, have strobe capability and be under £150/$180. If they had custom accessories like hats or barn doors that would also...
  3. T

    Lights randomly strobe and flash

    Hi,today, our light system (which we use lightfactory to manage) started to randomly flash and strobe and we have to stop them and use house lights- all whilst we had a full audience!We initially thought the fan had broken in the PC and was over heating, stopping background processes related...
  4. Rachel S

    Strobes and MIDI

    Hello,I'm the ME for a production of the Tempest and the LD wants to use MIDI controlled strobes for the opening storm sequence. There will be an electric drum set that should be able to control the strobes individually. I'm not sure how to hook it up. I've never used MIDI with lighting...
  5. EHansenLX

    Chauvet Mini Strobe LED Question

    Hi all: I'm lighting a dance show in a few weeks and they need strobe lights for a couple numbers. The stage is pretty large (55' long by 43'5" deep and 31ish feet tall - although the front is a thrust)Anyway, I was wondering if anybody had any experience with the Chauvet Mini Strobe LED. Do...