1. Gage

    Kneisley xenon conversion/Strong Trouper help

    I recently picked up a carbon arc trouper that had been converted to xenon at some point, mid-80s if I were to guess. Everything is functional and the whole setup is pretty interesting, but someone along the line made a few questionable choices, which I'm slowly working on rectifying (Example...
  2. B

    Followspot color frames for tour

    Need to pickup some more followspot frames for a tour. However, the question has come up if the Lycian 9” color frames are the same/interchangeable as the Super trouper frames? Can anyone clarify this before we order the wrong thing?
  3. Rose03


    Ok so I'm trying to get a guy by doing some lighting for him. The catch? It's film lighting, something I've never had experience with before. I have four Altman 3.5qs, one B&M Fresnel, a Strong Trouperette II follow spot, two pars, a four pot dimmer, controller, and no gel nor stands. What do I...
  4. Rose03

    Strong Spotlight HMI Retrofit

    Does anyone know of a retrofit kit to allow me to put an arc lamp in my 1977ish Strong Trouperette II?
  5. JD

    Good Microphone Stands ??

    This is such a simple topic, but it's driving me nuts! We use a bunch of light weight collapsible mic stands with the ensemble I am working with. I've had it with them all and am about to chuck them all in the dumpster! Now, I have no desire to go back to the old "Atlas" stands, where you had a...