1. dvsDave


    @BOB FOREMAN , who runs the Vintage Theatre Catalog blog got a copy of a PDF Scan of complete Tiffen Scenic Studio Catalog from 1926 from a reader of his and has graciously made it available to download.
  2. T

    Looking for lighting recommendations for a Broadcasting Studio Setup

    Our church just got donated awesome projection screens and we are turning a corner of our venue into a broadcasting like studio where we are going to be filming interviews and streaming live through our website through some live events. I am looking through some lighting fixtures to use for...
  3. I

    Installing Marley in a Studio?

    Hi there,I am looking to replace the marley in our primary dance studio ASAP and our local vendor will sell me the marley but not remove the old marley nor permanently install the new one. I called Rosco and Harelquin directly and they were of no help. Does anyone know the best course of...