study hall

  1. dvsDave

    ETC Study Hall - ArcSystem Navis and F-Drive Introductory Webinar

    On March 31, ETC announced the new Navis and F-Drive product lines.ETC is hosting a Navis and F-Drive webinar on Tuesday, April 21 at 10 AM CDT. Architectural Market Manager Chris Patton and Technical Product Manager Allyn Weber will host the online presentation and Q&A session.Join the...
  2. dvsDave

    ETC Study Hall - Eos Family Color Tools

    In this webinar, we will help you unlock the full potential of the award-winning color control system in your Eos Family desk. This session will be part color science, part Eos programming – we’ll be looking at all of the color tools, discussing why each of them came into being, how to use them...
  3. dvsDave

    ETC Study Hall - Pigs, Palettes, and Punting

    In continuation of the last video focused on the programmer. Maegan and Noah will talk about the various types of palettes in the console and how to record and update them. This will bridge into a function in the console called "Fade Changes" Which allows users to see fade and delay values live...